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What to Expect for Air Duct Cleaning in Rhode Island (& How Often Is It Necessary)

November 23, 2022

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When was the last time you scheduled air duct cleaning for a Rhode Island home? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s probably been a few years. Some homeowners might admit to never having their property’s ductwork cleaned.

One reason for neglecting this service is that homeowners might not feel it’s necessary. After all, you can’t see and don’t tend to touch those ducts, so why have them cleaned? But, there are many reasons to consider regular air duct cleaning for your home. Check out a few reasons here, so you know when to make that call.

air duct cleaning how often

Is it necessary to schedule air duct cleaning in Rhode Island?

The short answer is yes; you must schedule air duct cleaning in Rhode Island for your home and commercial structure. Note some reasons so you can discuss this service with an HVAC contractor near you.

First, consider that interior ducts collect dust, pet hair and dander, insect droppings, mold, and other irritants. These get circulated through your HVAC system and back into interior rooms when your home’s appliances cycle on. Also, ducts might hold dampness during humid summer months.

  • That dust settles onto your home’s furniture and carpeting, requiring more cleaning overall.
  • Additionally, dust can wear down carpet fibers and upholstery fabrics.
  • Many people are sensitive to dust in their homes! Airborne dust and dirt often mean dry skin, irritated sinuses, and allergic reactions.
  • Dust buildup and circulation mean more wear and tear on your HVAC system.
  • Mold and other debris in ductwork often mean unpleasant odors throughout your home.
  • Buildup in ductwork slows down the flow of air conditioning or heating. In turn, your appliances might need to cycle on more often or stay longer than needed. Unfortunately, this also means added wear and tear and increased utility costs.

How do I know if my air ducts are dirty?

There are a few telltale signs of dirty air ducts. First, note if your home seems excessively dusty. Second, don’t ignore unpleasant smells, mainly if they originate from your home’s vents.

Also, note if registers and vents seem overly dirty and dusty. This is because the dirt circulating through ductwork gets pushed through those registers, leaving dust behind. When you notice this, those ducts probably need cleaning. Lastly, consider your home’s age and if you’ve ever had those ducts cleaned!

In these cases, consider scheduling ductwork cleaning. You might be surprised at the difference this makes for your interior rooms. Removing dust, dirt, and other particles means a cleaner home overall and less irritation for everyone inside!

Air duct cleaning - How often to receive services

The frequency of air duct cleaning will vary depending on the specific situation. In Rhode Island, air ducts should be professionally cleaned every three to five years, mainly due to the change in seasons. In homes with pets, smokers, or people with allergies, they may need to be cleaned more often. High usage of the HVAC system can also increase the frequency of cleaning. If there is visible mold growth inside the air ducts, then immediate professional cleaning is necessary. Also, cleaning may be required if you notice reduced air flow or strange odors from the air ducts. An experienced HVAC technician can help you determine the best cleaning frequency for your home.

What happens if you don’t clean air vents in Rhode Island?

First, note that dust and dirt don’t get less bothersome the longer they’re ignored! Second, neglecting needed air duct cleaning can allow mold to grow and flourish. Also, that dirt and dust tend to settle onto HVAC appliances when they cycle on. In turn, they suffer more wear and tear and struggle to work.

Consequently, homeowners should consider regular air duct cleaning for their HVAC systems. This can mean annual cleaning if you live in a very dusty area. For other homeowners, consider scheduling this service every other year or as often as your HVAC contractor recommends.

air duct cleaning ri

Can I clean my air ducts myself?

Quality, damage-free air duct cleaning is not a DIY job. The job requires heavy-duty vacuums, brushes, and other tools you cannot rent. Also, it takes training and experience to use those tools properly! Finally, improper tools and cleaning techniques can damage those ducts and connectors.

A professional HVAC contractor can also clean your home’s furnace and air conditioner. They might run more efficiently and offer better heating and cooling. Your HVAC contractor might also note needed repairs for the appliances or ducts. Scheduling timely fixes reduces the risk of more extensive damage and keeps your HVAC system running efficiently.

Rhode Island HVAC Services is happy to explain air duct cleaning for Rhode Island properties. Hopefully, this information is helpful for our readers! Call our Rhode Island HVAC repair contractors if you’re in the state and need expert services. We offer affordable, reliable services and ensure fast response times for emergencies. We only use the highest-quality name-brand parts and appliances for repairs and replacements. We stand behind every project with a full guarantee! Contact us today to find out more or schedule your needed fixes or appliance replacement.


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