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How to Choose Heating Companies in Rhode Island

July 30, 2019

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Are you building a new home, in need of a heating repair, or is it time to find the right HVAC company to have in your contacts? Then you need to know how to choose the best one out of the plethora of heating companies in RI.

Before ever signing an agreement or hiring any of the heating companies in RI, you must follow the best practices for hiring a home improvement contractor. Check for licensing, insurance, and certification, ask friends and family for referrals and explore their online reputation as part of your research.

10 Tips for Deciding Between Heating Companies in RI

Your heating and cooling systems are essential yet very complex pieces of equipment. When you need furnace repair, installation, or maintenance, you only want one of the best heating companies in RI working for you. With the countless number of options out there, it can prove to be challenging selecting the right one. 

To keep your home comfortable, your family safe, and your money in the right place make sure to follow these practices:

  1. Check for the minimum requirement of two to five years of on-the-job training. It is what most states require for licensing.
  2. Look online for verification of licensing in local or state government contractor websites.
  3. Ask for proof of insurance and bonding. Liability insurance protects you in case of an injury or accidental damage. Minimum levels of insurance and bonding are required to maintain certification.
  4. Call on recent customer references to verify how well the job was completed and the level of satisfaction they received.
  5. Get a detailed estimate from three heating companies in RI.
  6. Discuss furnace, heat pump, and boiler brand options along with price differences.
  7. Find out if they offer service contracts or warranties with new heating installations.
  8. Review any payment schedule offers.
  9. Ask about tax rebates or credits they can help you with.
  10. Make sure the heating contractor has experience and training with your specific heating system.

HVAC contractor doing air conditioning repair in RI

How Much Do Heating Companies in RI Charge?

Now that you've done your research and you have all the details for hiring heating companies in RI, you should be aware of what the average cost is. The price you pay an HVAC contractor in RI is going to vary greatly depending on the furnace repair, maintenance, or installation required. By educating yourself with the industry standards, you can avoid being overcharged by the dishonest heating and cooling companies out there.

2019 Average HVAC Prices:

  • $75 to $200 service call fee
  • $50 to $150 per hour rate
  • $150 to $450 for furnace services (reliant on parts or supplies required for completion)

Never hire heating companies in RI that can't meet or exceed these criteria. Doing so could result in an unsafe living environment, more extensive repairs, or paying more than what the service is worth.

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