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There are a lot of options for HVAC in Pawtucket, RI. It's not unusual to be overwhelmed when looking for the best contractors. We hear that from a lot of our customers. Many of them take a chance on some of the other HVAC companies in Pawtucket, and they're left disappointed. Some of them are even calling us to help them clean up the mess that they already paid for from another contractor.

When it comes to our heating and cooling services in Pawtucket, RI, we take our job seriously. We value treating every customer with respect. There's also a level of attention that we give to every project that most others don't. They either don't care about the finished results, or they want to rush through to get to the next job.

You can trust that when you call on our team, you'll get the most efficient heating and cooling repairs, installations, and maintenance services around. You can count on us to show up on time for starters. Then, we will explain everything to you in a way that you understand so that you can be comfortable with the services you're paying for. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it comes with a 100% GUARANTEE!
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Super fast response when our furnace died in the middle of the night, and we were up and running again in no time! I feel safe knowing that the team at Rhode Island HVAC Services is on call!
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Pawtucket, RI Air Conditioning Service with a Smile

Have you ever dealt with a rude or unprofessional HVAC contractor in Pawtucket, RI, before? It's almost like they don't want to be there or they don't care what you think. It's hard to trust those types of contractors, especially when it comes to paying the bill.

It's not the way Rhode Island HVAC Services does air conditioning in Pawtucket, RI. As far as we're concerned, we're entering your home, and you're paying us to do the job. Therefore, you are the customer and should be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. You can rest easy knowing that if you call us, you'll be treated the way you should.
inspection of air conditioning equipment in Pawtucket, RI

AC Repair

The longer you ignore your much-needed ac repair, the worse off things are going to get. Before long, everything will start breaking down. Avoid the extra charges, and let us help you take care of it in our service area now.

AC Installation

Do you think that it's time for a more energy-efficient central air conditioner in Pawtucket, RI? Then we want to go over all of the options we have. When you find what works, we will install it flawlessly and give you a WARRANTY.

Commercial AC Services

When your air conditioner goes out at your workplace, it's just another thing you have to worry about. You can avoid the catastrophe by getting on our service maintenance plan. We'll take care of any issues instantly.
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Heating Service in Pawtucket, RI

When the chilly winter arrives in Rhode Island, you want to be ready for it. Don't wait until after the temperatures already have dropped off to take care of your heating service in Pawtucket, RI. 

Schedule an appointment with our certified HVAC contractors today, and we can do a thorough inspection to make sure your system is ready to go. We have experience with all things heating, including furnaces, gas, oil, and electric, as well as boiler systems. 
furnace installation in Pawtucket, RI

Furnace Repair

If your furnace doesn't seem to be operating the way it used to, there could be something going on internally. Never try and do a furnace repair on your own. It's dangerous, and we can take care of it for you the right way.

Furnace Installation

A furnace installation isn't something that any homeowner wants to have to deal with. Instead of getting stressed out about it, let us walk you through it. We will make you feel pleased with the purchase you're making.

Commercial Heating

After taking care of everything you already do for your business, you shouldn't have to worry about your heating equipment. Our dedicated technicians are prepared to tackle this aspect of your company so you can focus on other tasks.
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