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Licensed & Certified Contractors for HVAC in Providence, RI 

When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, you don't want ever to try and do HVAC in Providence, RI on your own. These pieces of equipment are far more complicated than what you think... until you dive into it. You might end up with a confusing mess in front of you or worse, put yourself at risk working with the electrical components.

By allowing our certified HVAC contractors in Providence, RI, to do it for you, there's no stress. All you have to do when you notice it's time for an ac repair, furnace installation, or maintenance service is give our friendly customer support team a call. We will schedule an appointment that's convenient for you, and we always show up on time.

When we arrive, you can trust that we will be fully prepared with all the tools, parts, and other supplies we need so that we can finish the work in the most efficient manner. We have years of experience working on all makes and models, so there's nothing that we can't handle. Get started today by contacting us for your FREE custom and detailed estimate for HVAC services in Providence, RI.
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Super fast response when our furnace died in the middle of the night, and we were up and running again in no time! I feel safe knowing that the team at Rhode Island HVAC Services is on call!
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Providence, RI Air Conditioning Service - We Do it All!

You don't want to have to deal with an unforeseen event that leads to needing services for HVAC in Providence, RI. However, when you know it's time, you shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable calling in an air conditioning or heating contractor. 

The professionals at Rhode Island HVAC Services treat you with respect, and we ensure that you stay informed of everything we're doing. Hire us for air conditioning in Providence, RI, and know that we're the HVAC company you can call back for whatever comes up.
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AC Repair

The moment your central air conditioner in Providence, RI, goes out, you're going to know it. Don't wait until things get so hot you can't stand it. Call us, and we will send someone to do your AC repair in Providence RI right away!

AC Installation

Your AC installation shouldn't leave you with a pounding headache. Even though it's a significant investment, you want to be happy with what you've purchased. Know that we will work with you to find an option that does that.

Commercial AC Services

Have you ever noticed productivity decrease because your employees are sweating it out? That means you're losing profits. Stop it right now and call us to handle your commercial AC services in Providence!
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Heating Service in RI that's State-of-the-Art

Just like with most industries, the HVAC business is always evolving and making improvements. When it comes to your heating service in RI, you want the most modern methods, equipment, and contractors with the updated knowledge that's available. 

We stay informed of what's going on so that we can pass those benefits on to you. If you're looking to increase your energy-efficiency and lower your utility bills, call us right now! Not only do we do heating, but we also do a variety of HVAC services in Rhode Island.
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heating repair in Providence, RI

24/7 Heating Repair

The longer you leave your heating repair, the more damages you'll be dealing with. The rest of your equipment is working harder to keep up, and it can lead to complete failure if neglected for too long. We're here for you 24/7!

Furnace Installation

After about ten years, your furnace simply won't perform like it used to. It's part of being a homeowner to replace your heating system, and we have the options that you want to see. We only do high-quality furnace installations.

Commercial Heating

When your building isn't warming as it should, your customers aren't going to hang around for long. Don't risk losing business because of failing heating equipment. We can do commercial repairs, installations, and more!
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Great Providence Rhode Island HVAC Info

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August 16, 2023
How Serious is an AC Leak?

Homeowners often wonder, how serious is an AC leak? While you want to ensure a working HVAC system for your home, you also don’t want to pay for unnecessary repairs. Also, some homeowners might wonder how long they can put off those repairs! If you’re like most people, you might need to work expensive fixes […]

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Why Is My AC Making a Rattling Noise? (7 Potential Reasons)

If you’re a homeowner, you might find yourself eventually asking, why is my AC making a rattling noise? The reason for this is that it’s not uncommon for air conditioners to start rattling eventually. In some cases, the sound isn’t serious and fixed easily. However, some noises can indicate serious issues with the appliance. Seven […]

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